Tiny Eco Home.

So one of the reasons I’ve been off the grid is because decided to apply to a university to finish my degree after feeling it was out of reach for a very long time. I was accepted and now I am trying to pay for school and my living debt free. Currently I owe nothing. I have decided to build my own tiny eco home built on a 16′ by 8′ trailer. I will be renting a backyard space in my new city. I am in need of some help from my community to help this college kid push through. I have many local friends who are willing to help but still am short a few thousand. People have donated 10 dollars. No amount is too small. Lowes or home depot gift cards would be the biggest blessings. If anyone is interested in donating please send me a message and check out more on my facebook. I go to school in the fall and am trying to build as much as I can in the summer. Thank you so much and hope you all have a great day. Thank you for all your support moral, financial or otherwise. It’s why I am still here.



Good tuscany atmosphere in Austin TX.

Expensive side of dining but great quality food and service. From a design standpoint the building and indoor atmosphere give off the tuscany vibe well. I was a little disappointed with the bathroom’s lack of design attention considering the upscale experience the owners are hoping to portray. It wouldn’t even take much…. the designer in me is talking.